Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another Paper Doll

I'm back from a week long vacation and decided to make a quick paper doll tonight!
I took bits and pieces from various places: collage sheets from Dylan Reveley, stamps from Teesha Moore & Claudine Hellmuth. Then I created the page right in my dictionary book.

As for the vacation, this past week my family and I went to LA. My daughter was there to film videos for both her YouTube channel, KawaiiSweetWorld at the Tastemade studios, and also a new kawaii dessert series for another YouTube channel. By the way, Kawaii means "cute" in Japanese.
Tastemade Studio in Santa Monica
She filmed four episodes for her channel and then another six episodes for the new channel to be released this September. I'll be sure to share more info once it's released.
On Location for new series
It was 8 hour days of filming for five straight days...we were exhausted when it was all over. I couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments and success!

I'm glad to be back home where heat and traffic aren't an everyday issue! Hope you have been enjoying your summer!


  1. Connie love the paper doll in your book :)
    You must be so proud of your daughter......What an amazing person she is and soooooo talented....
    Happy summer....Its going fast that's for sure...I myself can't wait for Fall & Winter~~~XO Laura H :)

  2. Hello Talented Connie, I love love love your fashionista fabulous art paper doll. I love all her little detail, makes her more stunning. Best wishes to your amazing daughter, she is so brilliant..Wowsa !!! Big Hugs, Laura.xo Wishing you a fun creative weekend my dear friend.