Sunday, August 10, 2014

Whimsical Paper Doll Fun

This weekend, my niece and her partner & kids hosted another wonderful family BBQ in their home. It's always so much fun to hang out at their house, be with family and enjoy yummy foods. I just wanted to share with you some highlights of our day.
Of course, the girls had to craft, and we worked on making whimsical paper dolls. These are the dolls I made to bring as samples...

The head is a #1 coin envelope that's stamped with a face and then stuffed with flowers, and the body is made from dictionary paper. The pictures below are the girls working on their paper dolls.
And here are the finished dolls from everyone...they all turned out so cute and so different! I apologize for all the shadows, we only had cell phones to take pictures.
Lana's doll
Diana's doll
Frances's doll
Maryl's dolls
Joanne's doll
Stephanie's doll
My daughter, Rachel, made these amazing mini S'mores Cupcakes..big hit!
Keenan, 10 months old, enjoying the S'mores cupcake

Keenan with his older brother Lennon
Me and the newest edition to the family, Dahlia, who is just 2 months old and so tiny!
Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. LOVELY~~~~~ What a wonderful time you all had! Love paper dolls....Those cupcakes look u think you can share recipe???
    Have a great week!
    Laura H XO

  2. Thanks for your comment Laura! I will send you Rachel's recipe in email, but she will also be making a YouTube video of it in the future too. Subscribe to Kawaiisweetworld so you don't miss it :-). XO...Connie

  3. YEAH!!!! I will follow her...she is so talented.....
    I love making cupcakes and these looked sosoososo yummy and I love that they are small :) Thank you in advance for email :)
    XO Laura H

  4. Thanks Connie for your inspiration on the paper dolls and providing all the supplies to work with. You never cease to amaze me how you keep coming up with great craft projects.

  5. thanks for putting together another fabulous art project for us. you are amazing. your dolls are wonderful. how do you do it all.? it is so refreshing being with such talented people. they all look wonderful.. so glad the new babies were able to attend too.. love you. lana cano kloch