Sunday, September 28, 2014

Amazing Class Taught By Sharon Payne Bolton

This past week I attended a two day class at Art Is You in Petaluma, CA. The class was taught by the talented Sharon Payne Bolton. It was probably the best class I've ever attended! Below is a picture of the two books I made...
The book on the right has a thick glass lens embedded in the cover. 
We made these chunky books with lots of three dimensional and embedded/inlaid objects. The pages of the book are 1/8" thick chipboard. I'll show you pictures of each of the pages below. This first book is 3" x 4"
Each page was painted over in beeswax - I did that part after I got home.
The page on the left is actually a piece of inlaid glass and
the page on the right has an inlaid brass locker tag.
The page on the right has an inlaid slide.
Another inlaid brass locker tag on the left.
Glass slide inlaid on the left and a coin holder on the right.
I love the doll leg on the right.
Sharon taught us the coptic binding method.
 Here are pictures from my smaller book, 2" x 3".
I highly recommend taking a class from Sharon if you have the opportunity. She's generous with her supplies, gives excellent instructions and as nice as could be! I love my books and had such a great time in class. I wish I could have shared pictures from the event, but it turns out I brought a fully charged camera, but no memory card. I did bring a phone with memory, but it was out of battery...ha.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thx for sharing close up pics of your amazing art books. They'll inspire us to make one ourselves with such fun & unique items...impressed at how nicely the books close in spite of the dimensional objects inside. Fantastic you're able to find such great & enjoyable class to take! F

  2. Fabulous books. I think you took Sharon's lessons to a new level. Every page is beautifully created and definitely has your signature touch! I'm glad you had fun with your classes.

  3. Talented Connie, Your book is a beautiful treasure and I love it !!! You never stop amazing me with your fabulous creations. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Really stunning books…thank you for sharing!! Greetings from Slovenia!

  5. Connie, your books are amazing!! I love the work you did! Thanks a lot for sharing on your blog!