Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stuffed Primitive Dolls

So, I decided to go a step further with my primitive dolls and went from sketching them in a journal to creating soft stuffed dolls. Below are pictures of two of the dolls I made today...
I created one with muslin fabric (pink top) and the other on cotton duck canvas (bold black striped skirt). Here's a few photos of how I created them. I started by cutting out small squares of fabric.
Left: Cotton Duck Canvas  Right: Muslin
Then I painted some white gesso over the top of the fabric. Next, I sketched the girls with a pencil.
I used my Peerless watercolors and some acrylic paint and colored in the girls.
Afterwards, I added some metro tissue paper, vintage text and striped paper onto the fabric using Mod Podge to adhere it. 
Then I machine stitched around the doll with black thread.
I stuffed them with a little polyfill and machine stitched them again around the entire doll. The last step was to trim the fabric around the stitches. The dolls are about 6" tall and 4" wide. 

I also drew a couple more dolls in my sketch book, I wanted to share with you...
The one with the bun reminds me of my daughter when she goes out for her ballet practice. :-)

On Friday, I also received my complimentary issue of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations...there's some great projects in this issue!
I have three articles in this issue. The first are some mini dresses I made from RedLead's chipboard dresses.
I made both Valentine and Christmas themed mini dresses.
The 2nd article features one of my favorite dolls I made after taking Danita's doll making class.
And the last article showed some birthday tags I made, also using RedLead's chipboard dresses.

And finally, I just want to share my daughter's kitchen studio we just completed. As you may know, she has her own YouTube channel, KawaiiSweetWorld, where she creates videos on how to bake cute desserts. She wanted to have her own dedicated space to film her videos, so we cleared out our basement and let her build her own set. 
I'm so proud of her, she works so hard and we're so impressed at all the success she has earned! Check out the video of her kitchen studio tour.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Connie - Love your dolls! They're so precious. Congrats on getting 3 articles published - they're all so amazing. Rachel looks adorable in her new kitchen - she looks like she could be on TV!

  2. Adorable little dolls. Great idea turning your sketches into something to hold. Love the new hairdo on your new sketch and the crown on the other one. Thanks for the step by step instructions. Congratulations again for getting published! Your work really stands out. Rachel - you are amazing! Your studio looks fantastic - great job.

  3. Love your girls transition from paper to cloth. Your 3 published articles show off your adorable mini paper dresses & cloth doll so well. Rachel's new kitchen & video is truly amazing for someone so young. Can definitely see where she get's her wonderful talent! F

  4. KawaiiSweet World is one of my top YouTube channels and I LOVE the new kitchen studio!

  5. When will YOU start your own Youtube channel, Connie? I´d LOVE to see you playing with your art stuff ...