Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wire Heart Necklace...Just in Time

I made these simple wire heart necklaces this weekend, just in time for Valentine's Day.
You just need a few supplies...
19 gauge dark wire, vintage lace, vintage photo, buttons, ribbon, mica, tape measure, beads, pliers and wire cutters.
Steps to make the heart: Cut a piece of wire approximately 8" long. Make a loop in the middle. Bend the wires down to form the heart. Make one twist at the bottom of the heart. With a pair of round nose pliers, twirl up each wire end.
Cut a piece of ribbon, about 24" long and tie each end to the top of the heart. I used sari ribbon, which has a nice soft rustic look.
Cut a small piece of lace and glue on vintage photo and piece of mica. Sew the lace onto one side of the wire heart.
Embellish with button, beads and tape measure piece. The necklace below I used two hearts.
This is a quick simple project to make for your friends.
Have a Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Luv your necklaces - very cute and shabby!

  2. These are so perfectly rustic-romantic!! I adore all the little added elements to brought into the heart. Lovely!

  3. beautiful wired heart necklaces..have to try them.. thanks or the tutorial, connie.. have a great week. just got your stampington studo gallery 2015 issue.. 6 articles.. all great. omg.. u leave me speechless
    lana cano kloch

  4. LOVE these Connie~~~~ I would so wear these! FAB!! You always come up with the most creative ideas! xo
    Laura H :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your wire heart ideas! I saw them a few months back in the Stampington magazine and loved them then. Haven't made any yet, and then I was looking through your blog and saw the great photos and some instructions. WOW!!! I love them. Thanks again!