Sunday, May 31, 2015

Workshop - Canvas Art & Victorian Postcards

This weekend, I hosted a workshop where I taught how to make my Paige dolls on a collaged canvas and also my Victorian postcards. Here we are showing our adorable canvas pictures.
I wanted to share a couple of mini videos that my dear friend Nily made of our day and projects.
Thank you Nily, these are lovely and the music adds a wonderful touch!

Below are lots of pictures: close up shots of each canvas piece and pictures of the girls crafting away.
Fran's (she decided to make hers on a notebook)

I just love the character and expression of each doll, all so different and adorable!
The second project was making Victorian postcards. Here are some of the finished projects:
I originally made some of these postcards last October.
We used images from the Victorian Fashions Dover book and some beautiful Anna Griffin tags.
I was so honored to have my pieces published in the Spring issue of Somerset Life 2015.
I love how they all turned out, so beautiful!
What a fun day we had creating together, I had the best students! Thank you everyone for your kind and generous gifts. I had a wonderful day! (Lois, we missed you - hope you're feeling better.)

And last but not least, I wanted to share a picture from my daughter's ballet recital this weekend. It was a beautiful performance and a lovely way to end the day!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thank you Connie for a wonderful class. I was so worried about drawing the doll but your instructions were so clear and easy to follow. Love my canvas and post cards. Enjoyed seeing everyone and all the yummy food and goodies. Connie, you're the best! R

  2. Connie...thx for great class & for making your art techniques easy to learn in a fun environment & for giving us lots of material to choose from. Loved your soup & coffee cake as well as delicious treats provided by everyone else. Many thx for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your amazing talent with us....much appreciated! F

  3. From the still photos to Nilly's wonderful musical interludes, to the ballet recital ending, your day looks memorable. Great results show what a fine inspiration you are in person or on your blog, Connie Merci.

    Mary in Oregon

  4. Connie TY for a wonderful class a great group of girls and wonderful relaxing so creative everyone!!! Loved the "Family" soup ...haven't made it yet but it is in the works....Did make Diana's puff marshmallow treats my hubby loved them ...again wonderful day....Ballet pic beautiful xoxooxoxo
    Laura H
    P.S. Love the videos Nili

  5. I love the Paige doll collages that were made. Your group of ladies/sisters/friends never ceases to amaze me with their artwork.
    And then there is the topic of the Victorian die for beautiful! -paula

  6. Terrific class, Connie! We had so much fun and then to create these lovely canvases and Victorian tags was just the icing on the cake. Thanks so much!

  7. Love the cute really inspired your students. Great job to all of you.

  8. what a fabulous class! love them all. you are so patient and thorough while teaching us.

    love nily's videos..

    love the notecards as well..

    you are such a fabulous artist and instructor..

    rachel is so beautiful as a ballerina.. too..

    lana cano kloch

  9. Connie, I will never tire of telling you how much I enjoy your creative energy. The canvas art and the postcard Victorian ladies are beautiful. You are so lucky to be able to share this creative time with your sisters and friends. Love, love, love your art. Thanks for sharing. Shannon Benedetti

  10. I adore your Paige doll design. She would look charming as a soft sculpture dolly. Looks like all the ladies had a fabulous time with your creative designs.