Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Paper Dolls Using Mindy Lacefield Stamp

I recently bought an adorable Mindy Lacefield face stamp from RubberMoon stamps and went a bit overboard and made the following paper dolls.
I stamped the face a bunch of times on some water color paper and then painted the face with Peerless watercolors. Then I created some fun dresses and drew in legs. I love all the different outfits!

I decided I wanted to use these doll images to make tags.
 I used acrylic paints and created abstract designs on the tags.
I was having so much fun, I painted lots of tags.
I stamped some designs on top of the acrylic paint and then added my paper doll images. These are my larger tags, measuring 2 1/2" x 4 3/4".
Then I also made a set of small tags. These measure 1 1/2" x 3 1/4".
If you like, I'll sell a set of 10 larger tags for $30 and the smaller set of 10 for $20. No two tags are alike. There are 10 different paper dolls.  I hand painted and stamped each tag. I photocopied my original paper dolls and reduced them to fit onto the tags. The tags are also coated with clear acrylic. Email me at if you're interested in purchasing them or have any questions. 

Thanks to Stampington, I was also recently published in the latest Somerset Studio Gallery.
 My mini art journal was featured.
This book measures about 1" wide and 1 1/4" tall and about 1" thick.
Stampington also featured the projects I made using ProjectLife cards with my own Paige doll designs.
The two projects below are angles made with china doll head images.
Lots of great projects and ideas in this issue! 

I hope you had a great weekend. I'm so happy summer is here and the kids are out of school and home!

Go Warriors! Yep, I'm now watching basketball and enjoying the finals. :-)


  1. Your new Mindy Lacefield stamped tags are fantastic. I love the vibrant
    colors of the background and the girls are all dressed adorably. Thanks again
    for sharing your step by step process in creating these. Another great project!! Congrats on being published again in Somerset Studio Gallery.

  2. love all of these! Congrats yet again on being published!!!! My fav of course is little page turner book! I would love to do that.....Your new tags and dolls are sososos fun happy and creative....Happy Summer
    xoxo Laura H

  3. Love your Mindy tags and the mini art journal! And congrats on getting your Paige dolls and your China dolls published in Somerset Studio...that's awesome! You must be thrilled to see your lovely creations in magazines. I think it's quite an accomplishment!

  4. Your new modernly painted tags are so creative -- I love them! BUT, don't you feel the stamp is an outright copy of your Paige dolls? I cannot believe another artist would stoop so low...

    Congratulations on your additions selected by Stamington! We know who the real artist is!!!

    Mary in Oregon

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for your comment. Actually, I got my inspiration for my Paige dolls from Mindy Lacefield - so really, I was inspired by her. I love her style and took her on-line class and learned her technique. I tried to adapt her girls to my style. - but they're very similar. Thanks!

    2. Oops - Connie...I went back through your blog and evidently I had totally forgotten about the class you took and all of the credit you have given to Mindy Lacefield over and over again. Inspiration and learning her techniques of course gave you a similar look. Thank you for the explanation. I have been enjoying seeing all of your variations once you took the course... my mind just lost it :-( Mary

  5. love the mindy lacefield stamp tags.. thanks for taking us thru the process. am excited to get the next issue to see your mini albums and other projects. you rock.. and yes.. am over the moon about the warriors win!

    lana cano kloch

  6. You are so creative, Connie! To be published so many times in the Stampington magazines has to be a record! And I adore how you used the Mindy Lacefield rubber stamp. It's grand to find your blog! It's wonderful finding your blog and reading all about your talents.
    Teresa in California

  7. I was so inspired by your dolls/girls that I ordered Mindy's stamp. Just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. So much fun.