Sunday, July 12, 2015

Doll Projects & Planner Target Haul

I like to reuse my artwork in different projects. Lately, I've been taking my Mindy Lacefield paper dolls and copying them onto muslin to make new projects.
On the left is a stuffed doll I made and on the right is my paper doll. Below is a picture of how the paper dolls look copied on cream colored muslin.
I took one of the dolls and sewed around the outside.
And then came up with this wall hanging...
Here are all three pieces I made...
It's was fun to see what I could make from the muslin copies!

If you follow me on my blog, you know I'm really into planners and all the accessories. I think this year I must have bought at least 5 planners - well, this weekend I bought yet another. These are the items I picked up. Most of them came from the Target Dollar Spot area... 
Target actually has their own planner version in the Dollar Spot. It's the smaller binder with the triangle patterns. They sell the inserts for note pages, monthly calendar pages, weekly planner pages, tab dividers and pocket dividers.
Target also sells the coordinating post-its, washi tape, pencils, paper clips, mouse's all so cute!
I hit five Targets this weekend to collect all these items. Unfortunately, there wasn't one Target that had everything...but it was a fun hunt! 

And then last but not least, I have three articles in this month's Somerset Life!
 These are the paper dolls I made with the Catherine Moore stamp...
These are the wire heart necklaces I made a couple months ago.
And the third article is the sitting dolls I made at my bday party last year.
I took the black and white head images from my sister Lana's high school year book. In hind sight, I wish I had looked up the names of the students so that I could have given them credit. :-)

Thanks for stopping by - have a great week everyone!


  1. I love your Mindy wall hangings...they're so adorable! Congrats on getting published once again in Somerset! What an accomplishment and well deserved!

  2. What a great way to turn your paper dolls into wall hangings - I like the stripe
    fabric background and the way you embellished it with fabric and buttons.
    You're very good at thinking outside the box. I'm looking forward to seeing
    your finished planner with your Target goodies. Congrats on having your
    work published again in Somerset Life - that's an issue worth having just to
    see your work. They do a great job of photographing them.

  3. love the wall hangings so adorable...Love the piece in magazine Congrats as always well deserved.....
    xoxo Laura H

  4. I was so inspired by your Character Construction paper dolls in Somerset Life this month that I could barely wait to get home to order the stamp. Got it this week and made the first of many tags tonight. Thanks for your beautiful projects!