Friday, July 31, 2015

My New Washi Tape Holders

I love my new washi tape holders, they look like mini planners, they're just 3" x 4 1/2" and they hold a ton of washi tapes!
I embellished the two holders on the top, adding washi tape, ribbons, button and flowers. They come plain, like the two pictured on the lower portion.
I got the idea after watching Christy Tomlinson's YouTube video on washi tape cards. She suggested buying credit card holders and wrapping your washi tape around credit card size plastic. She bought some cute ones from Daiso (Japanese dollar store), so I couldn't wait to look for them too. I bought four different ones and they were only $1.50 each.
Each folder holds 20 credit cards. The holders easily expand to fit 20 cards full of washi tapes.
You can usually wrap 5 washi tapes around each card, so add that up and you can store 100 different washi tapes in one cute little holder. I laminated white card stock, the size of a credit card, and wrapped the washi tape around it.
I even love how the inside cover is a cute polka dot pattern. I added my Paige doll image on the inside flap. Pictured below are all 20 cards from one of the holders.
I filled up one holder completely and part of the second holder, so I still have room to buy more tapes!
These are perfect for traveling and taking to classes.
I bought my credit card holders from the Daiso in LA, where I was last week. My daughter, Rachel, and I went to LA to attend the Vidcon conference in Anaheim.
She also shot more videos for YouTube with several other channels: Dreamworks, Tastemade, Popsugar and Feast of Fiction. Here's some behind the scenes shots...
I'm so proud of my daughter, she now has over 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel: KawaiiSweetWorld!


  1. Thanks for sharing a great tip for keeping washi tapes - love the cute little
    holders and the portability of it. It's really cute the way you embellished it with ribbon and flowers. Way to go Rachel - can't wait to see the videos you made in LA.

  2. I love your washi tape holders - they're so adorable! And congratulations to Rachel on being invited to Vidcon and for being featured in the YouTube videos. She is so accomplished for someone who is so young.