Friday, August 14, 2015

Creative Sketchbooking with Pam Garrison

I recently signed up for Pam Garrison's on-line class, Creative Sketchbooking from Creative Bug. It's a four part series, with many videos to watch per series. It's a really fun class and here's some of the work from just Series One.
 The pattern kind of reminds me of the designer, Emilio Pucci, who I just love!
I made photo copies of my pages and turned them into tags and cards.
I stamped Happy Birthday and Thank You on the tags/cards which I purchased from Target's Dollar Spot section.
For a closer look, below are the journal pages next to the tags/cards I made with it.

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated my sister's birthday. I showed them how to make Peerless Watercolor folders and then we made some paper dolls.
The paper dolls turned out really cute! We used the Mindy Lacefield face stamp and then my sisters made the dresses and background cards.
And last, our first selfie of all the sisters. It's not easy trying to fit all six faces into one shot that's one arm length away, I guess that's why you need one of those selfie sticks. :-)
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love the tags !!! Did you color them with acrylpaint..??

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I used acrylic paint. In fact Target has some wonderful colors in their craft section that I used.

  2. can't believe pam garrison is offering her on line classes for $4.95/mo.. what a deal. love your art and what you created.

    had such fun together crafting with my 5 sisters...

    thank you so much

    lana cano kloch

  3. Loved your 3rd set of tags you made - the bold lines and colors look great.]
    Thanks for helping us make the Peerless paint folders - you made it easy for us with your supplies. It was fun making the dolls and painting them with our
    peerless paint and then embellishing them afterwards….so much fun!