Monday, May 30, 2016

My Sister's Bday Celebration - Paper Doll Making

It's three months after my sister Maryl's birthday, but better late than never. We got together at my house for some crafting and eating - two of my favorite things!
We made some travel washi tape holders, Using credit card holders from Daiso, we inserted laminated paper, wrapped with washi tape.
Diana, Maryl
Pat, Jenning, Ruby
After lunch we moved onto making paper dolls with Catherine Moore stamps. Here are some of the finished dolls - so adorable! Sorry, Dee, you left before I took pictures of yours.
Jenning's Dolls
Maryl's Dolls
Ruby's Dolls
Pat's Dolls
We were also lucky to have a special guest, Dahlia, my sister Frances's 2 year old granddaughter.
 Just love the matching dresses!
What a fun day we had together...Happy Birthday Maryl! Lana wasn't able to make it to our party, as she was busy selling some of her antique collection at Wendy Addison's sale.

Happy Memorial Day...Go Warriors!


  1. Thanks, Connie, for hosting a wonderful birthday celebration! I appreciate your organizing the washi tape & the CM stamp paper doll project. And your Crispy Pork Belly dish was to die for. Thank you SO much to you and my sisters and friends who helped me to celebrate another year getting older. I am truly blessed.

  2. what great paper dolls you girls created... love them all.. fran and dahlia look adorable in matching outfits. thank you for sharing photos connie.. you contribute so much to each event. we are forever greatful.

    belated happy birthday maryl. it was a win win for all..

    lana cano kloch

  3. What a lovely party!! Happy Birthday Maryl Belated.....
    Miss seeing you all
    Laura H :) xo

  4. Thanks, Laura! We need to plan another play date...miss seeing you, too!

    1. I would love that Maryl....lets try before the summer ends...xoxo Hi Connie miss you tooooooo
      Laura H :)

    2. Sounds good...let's shoot for end of August. Daiso at Fremont Hub opening this Sat. I'll be working - come by. Giving away goodie bags, prizes, etc.

    3. Hi Laura, miss you too. Hoping to have a class in July, I'll message you once it's confirmed. Have a great summer.

  5. Love your blog :) Just wondering if you used a stamp set to create the paper dolls? Looks like great fun. Thank you,

    1. Thank you for your comment! We love to use stamps created by Catherine Moore, she has a web site: This is the link to the sets I used:

      Have fun!