Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Faces & Art Journal

I've completed several more Mindy Lacefield lessons, in her wonderful on-line course called The 24 Faces.
I'm learning how to me more loose with my strokes.
The paintings are more impressionist style, where they have a more unfinished look, which I love.
They're whimsical and fun to paint as well.
Here are some smaller ones I painted today...
I've learned so much and love each lesson. I can't wait for more.

I also made another small art journal.
It measures 3" x 5" and an 1" thick. The cover is made from a collage of paper napkins glued on top of cardboard.
For the inside, I used water color paper and added some collage elements.
I'll be taking this book with me on vacation and hope to fill each page.

And finally, I can't believe this day has come, my daughter, Rachel, has graduated from high school this week.
Rachel, Bentre, Ashley
We're so proud of her and can't wait for this next journey to Stanford University! All her hard work and dedication has truly paid off. What a future to look forward to!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Your doll drawings are lovely and your art journal is very creative.

  2. Lovely post. I love your blog. . .

  3. love your new mindy lacefield faces.. you small journal is amazing.. enjoy yourself with the family.. it's been such a long time since you all had time together relaxing...

    congratulations on rachel's graduation from high school. what a wonderful journey.. a chapter ends and another begins.. it is watching all of you grow that adds so much to our lives and theirs..

    love you all