Sunday, October 23, 2016

Painting Workshop

This weekend I taught a painting/notebook workshop at my house with some of my sisters and dear friends. We played with lots of yummy colors and got them all over our hands!
Below are lots of pictures from our workshop...
My sister Maryl
My friends Laura & Nily
My sisters Diana & Pat
My sister Diana, Pat and friend Valerie
My friend Lois, sister Maryl and friend Andra
My friend Lois
My friend Valerie and me
My sister Maryl & Andra
My sisters Diana, Pat and friend Valerie 

Some of our finished notebooks
Group shot
Valerie & me
I had a great time playing with paint with everyone! Thank you all for your kind, yummy and creative gifts, you're all so thoughtful! It was a lovely day spending time with each of you! xo...Connie


  1. Thanks, Connie! That was a fun class and thanks for showing us all your techniques and the generous use of your supplies. Love my notebooks!

  2. sosososo much are always so generous and kind with all the products and tips LOved being with everyone
    Thanks Connie xo Laura H :)