Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Creating My Own Washi Tape, Stickers & Pouches

Happy New Years! I'm starting off the new year by taking this fun on-line class from one of my favorite artist, Mindy Lacefield, "Create Your Own Washi Tape, Stickers & Pouches".

I have so many of my doll designs that I love to repurpose into other product, so this class was perfect for me.

I've already ordered a couple of pouches, here's a proof of one of them. This design is vertical, my other design is horizontal - I'm still experimenting with the product layout.

I've have an order for 50 washi tapes with 14 of my doll images being produced...
And 20 sticker sheets on order - 2 designs, here's one of the sets...
If you ever wanted to create some of your product, I recommend you take this class, it's been so fun! If you're interested in buying some of my merchandise, then stay tuned - I should have them in stock in about 4 weeks. I'm so excited to see them.


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