Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lots of New Paper Dolls & Bday Celebration

This was what was on my craft table these past few weeks... 
Blythe dolls looking over my paper dolls. I've been on a roll and painted 50+ faces...
cut them out and dressed them. Making their dressing is probably my favorite part, I feel like a clothes designer - haha.
Not sure what to make these into yet, but it sure has been keeping me busy. 

We did use some of them this weekend to decorate my sister, Maryl's bday table.
Happy Birthday Maryl!
We made Anna Griffin box cards as our craft project for the event. We added some of our own elements, Catherine Moore and Tim Holtz images.
It was a great day being with my five sisters!
Hope you had a great weekend!
My winter Bylthe doll.


  1. Thanks, Connie, for sharing bday was a lot of fun! Love your paper dolls and your winter Blythe doll...She's really adorable! Love the Anna Griffin cards, too!

  2. Your creativity is endless. Each paper doll you made is adorable, each with its own look. Thanks for sharing them with us. I hope to try and make some as well. Maybe you can make a large poster that would include a lot of the dolls on it or have them printed on good quality paper and sell
    them by the sheet.

  3. Thx Connie for making Maryl's bd celebration wonderfully shabby chic with your creative table setting and adorable paper dolls. The blog pics are great and everyone's box cards came out beautiful. It was a fun day! F