Sunday, February 25, 2018

Great Class from Kelly Rae Roberts

I'm taking Kelly Rae Roberts on-line class called. Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras and I just love it!
These are all the pieces I've made so far on canvas boards. I'm glad I found another use for my Paige dolls.
Here's some close up shots...
As you might have noticed, I re-used some of my older girls I painted in my large journal and embellished them a bit more.
I really had fun with the collage pieces - the bird above the the flower below. It's a great way to use up scrap pieces.
 I made pieces from 12"x12" to very small 2"x2" pieces.
 I used vintage wall paper and floral napkins for some of the background images.
Finding floral napkins is a fun hobby. They work great on collage pieces, as long as you separate all the napkins layers and only use the very top printed layer...which will be very transparent.
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  1. Cute pictures! Love your use of the napkins as background.

  2. I love using napkins, too. Feels like I am cheating. LOL They give great images and layers----love their transparency, you can see through to layers underneath.