Sunday, April 8, 2018

All Things Paper 2 - Wendy Brightbill Class

I'm taking the 2nd in a series of Wendy Brightbill's on-line class, called "All Things Paper 2". I'm having so much fun making these collage floral pieces. I made these small pieces on 3"x5" index card dividers.
I made the collage below using an old calendar as the background.
And a couple more smaller collages made also on the calendar background.
My last couple collages I made on top of notebooks.
My sister, Diana, is also taking this class and made this amazing piece.  I love the whimsy flowers and colors !
If you like playing with paper, I recommend this great online class from Wendy.


  1. Your notebooks look great. Love the black and white background. Makes
    the flowers really pop. On the black background, I like that you drew in
    additional leaves with white pen. Complements the collage. Thanks for the suggestion of using manilla folders.

  2. Love your flowers - so bright and colorful!