Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday What's New

New: I made the plunge and bought a new portable sewing machine this weekend - but this one has all the perks of the big boys - nice, tiny & quiet (Janome 760) far I LOVE it. The best feature is that I can use it without a foot pedal and just use this on/off cool is that. Also, have to show off my bday gift from the family - an IPOD nano - so cool...thanks guys.

And finally, all xmas decorations are up - 4 trees inside....garlands, snowflakes, wall decor, etc...phew! We decorated 3 of the tress with Rachels stuffies that she made this fall...enough to decorate three small trees!

Happy Holidays! Now to get my xmas cards out!


  1. I luv your snoman and Xmas festive! I'm sure it looks even prettier in person.

  2. ----------------x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-------------
    Yeahhhhh! new sewing machine! the girl did her homework and it looks like it's gonna be
    a good time. Enjoy!
    the home looks great :)