Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday What's New & What's Old

What's New...
Rachel made this adorable book cover for her craft notebook - her own design it!

This weekend's fine from East Bay Creative Resue and Addison's Paper Sale - some lovely wall paper, ribbon, asian pin cusion, milenary flower & hat decorative tooth picks, lace, floral flannel and paint tubes.


  1. Wow Rachel! You and your mom are so talented...good job on the craft notebook!

    Connie - love the things you bought - especially the decorative toothpicks (I'm always looking for those...hint, hint) and the spool of ribbon. Pretty awesome!

  2. Look out for Rachel--can't believe she thought up that design, it's wonderful!
    A unique talent is she.
    Where do her creative gifts come from?
    hmmmm,iwonder :) :)
    xo ~ cOnNie

  3. Connie,

    Rachel is one talented girl!! She is going to submit to Stampington's "Stuffed" publication right?