Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sister Christmas Poem

As some of you know, I have five sisters and no brothers. Can you imagine a house of six girls? My parents kept trying to have a boy, but after six girls they gave up. Well, we had lots of fun together growing up and we still have lots of fun together now. One of my sisters, Diana, was married to Ken, her first husband and a true artist. Unfortunately, he suffered from MS through his adult life and has since passed away. Today, Diana forwarded the sisters a Christmas poem that Ken had written the sisters a long time ago. I just love it!  Mock is our maiden name.

Merry Christmas to the Sisters Mock

Merry Christmas to the sisters Mock;
The sisterhood of solid rock.

One by one or six by six;
It's amazing how they mix.

A certain smile from one of you,
Can radiate to the others too.

Whenever I try to put one down.
The sisterhood supports the crown.

It isn't easy to adjust,
But I know I just must.

You're all so beautiful and contrite
My fondness grows all through the night.

The night is day and look what's here
Christmas, popcorn, holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas Lana, Diana, Frances, Maryl, Pat and Connie!

                                                                                             Love, Ken

We miss you Ken, thank you for this wonderful poem.

P.S. My Xmas tree is on the 7 Gypsies designer's blog, check it out if you want to see it again.


  1. What a sweet poem! How nice he thought of us that way. He was a true artist and unfortunately died way too young!

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful poem Ken wrote to us girls and we are now just seeing it for the first time. So glad it wasn't totally lost and appreciate D finding and sharing it with us. F