Thursday, February 3, 2011

386 Steps to Coit Tower & Williams Sonoma Inc.

This post has nothing to do with arts & craft - sorry. I work for a wonderful company, Williams Sonoma Inc. - in their corp office in San Francisco.  When I get a chance, I like to climb the stairs to the Coit's 386 stairs from the street level to the top.  I usually climb it 3 days a week. My attempt to get my 10,000 steps in every day.  Here's some of the pics of my steps to Coit Tower...

This is the bottom of the climb

The View From Coit Tower
Today, was also my 5 year Service Award Celebration with Williams Sonoma Inc. 
They hosted a lovely celebration for over 100 people in our corporate office.  I had my picture taken with the founder of Williams Sonoma - Chuck Williams (95 yrs old).
It was a lovely day, I'm so grateful for this opportunity...not to mention this Saturday is our company sample sale (open to employees only - sorry).


  1. That's a lot of wonder you're so fit! Congratulations on your 5-yr Anniv. with W-S! Great job!

  2. congrats connie fong-
    stairs and work dedication-they seem to match :) :) well done girl!
    I miss Coit, it was nice to re visit.

  3. p.s. beautiful pic of you too Connie.
    Hope 2 c scenes from the depot :) xo conNie

  4. I always wanted to do those stairs. Brings back memories.
    Nice you got a photo with W-S founder. What a treat. Nice of the company to honor you for your service.