Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rachel's Polymer Clay & My Paper Doll

My daughter Rachel is into polymer clay. Today, she made some "deco-den", which is decorative clay pieces on an object. What's cool is that the "whip cream" is hardware store silicone used for caulking. These are the adorable projects she made today:
The different containers a are miniature Altoid tin, a contact lense case, a ring and a small round container.  Rachel makes the individual clay pieces first, then places them in the "whip cream".  She still has some finishing touches to put on some of the objects - but I'm impressed already!

Today, I also decided to make something from the Flea Market line items I bought at Joann's yesterday.
The head/bodice is from one of Catherine Moore's stamp - La Belle Epoque #4.  The remaining paper is from the Flea Market line.

I'm starting a new kit tonight - I hope to finish it tomorrow and then I'll show it to you guys!


  1. Great job Rachel and Connie...can't decide which project I like better. The shrink plastics really came out neat too and love to see what you'll do with them. F

  2. The pieces that Rachel made are SO sweet and adorable! I love the card you made with the CM stamp. I especially like the skirt w/the numbers on it.

  3. your embellishment really added so much to jenni bowlin's are so the paper doll, too.

    and to rave again about rachel is never tiring. each visit, she adds so much.

    looking forward to seeing the new kit finished. i enjoy relishing in your love of creativity.