Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day

Tonight, I took a work shop at PaperSource in Berkeley in honor of Earth Day.  The goal was to make things out of disposal products like an old calendar and catalog.

 These are the items I made tonight.  They include envelopes, cards, flower, tags and bill fold:

See that women in the middle?  She took the class with us and was very sweet and gave us all a bag she made out of newspaper.  It turned out that she was published in the same article of GreenCraft magazine as I was in - who would of thought...small world isn't it?

On a special note, my 12 yr old daughter, Rachel, won a clay contest today on YouTube!  She made a video and submitted about 30 of her clay creations.  She posts her work under a different user name (that she prefer I not tell anyone). Here's some of her creations - she has two of these boxes full now.


  1. Love the Earth Day projects~~~~ So appropriate these days...Happy Earth Day!
    Rachael should open her own ETSY store~~Her creations are wonderful and so unique..
    Happy Easter~~
    Laura H

  2. Love the "green" flowers & tags. Congrats to Rachel for winning the YouTube contest - way to go, GirL!