Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great Workshop With Lisa Super

I was really looking forward to today, it's been awhile since I've taken a class from Lisa Super.  I couldn't wait to spend the day crafting with friends and sisters that I haven't seen in a while.  We made two fabulous projects.  The first was the recipe box that was on the cover of the latest Somerset Life.  This is how mine turned out. That's a lot of recipes to collect to fill up that box!
Lisa set up the work area really well. It was a great environment for just playing with paper & fiber, chatting with friends and having a good time. It was fun to walk around to see what everyone was up to.

In the afternoon, we worked on an adorable journal, using the Melissa Frances Postcard Album. Here are some of my pages.

Today, was also Valerie's bday. Lisa had a wonderful chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Valerie!
Laura H., it was great to meet you today. Your work is great, I look forward to working with you more. Cindy, thanks for the frozen Charlotte's, what a treat!  Cindy's mom - have a safe flight back to Oahu - so much fun working with both of you too! Lisa, thanks for putting together some great projects for today, I had so much fun!

Tomorrow, we're headed to Tahoe for some end of season skiing.  Should be lots of snow left.


  1. Connie~~~
    It was great meeting you :)
    I too enjoyed our class.....Your projects turned out wonderful...I wish I could have had more time too look at everyones, however I had my head into creating on a time line (LOL)
    I look forward to attending one of your classes...
    Hope Tahoe skiing was FAB!!

    Laura H

  2. Connie, thanks for sharing pics of your class projects - they came out great!

  3. I'm SO glad that you enjoyed class and as usual you added your own special touches and turned out some beautiful work. Big classes like that are so fun with all of the chatter and laughter. I love it.

    I made my kit last night before I went to bed, it turned out so cute and I loved making it. Thanks again!!