Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tahoe Adventures

We just spent the last few days in Tahoe - the kids are on spring break this week.  We skied Monday and Tuesday at Northstar and it was perfect spring skiing conditions.  The weather was great and the slopes were empty.
 My sister Pat and her husband joined us the first couple days.

We did have one unfortunate innocent, but it ended well. You know how when you're done skiing and you leave your skies on the rack, with hundreds of other skies around? Well, someone took my son's skies.  We checked all the racks and lost & found and no luck. We went back the next morning and still no luck. We rented him another pair of skies (Northstar did comp us for the rental). At the end of the second day, we checked lost & found again and luckily someone did turn in his skies - phew! I guess someone picked them up by accident and was nice enough to return them.

After skiing on Monday, we went back to the cabin and my son, Christopher saw a bear in the back yard. We didn't believe him at first, but sure enough, there he was - huge too!

We did call animal patrol, but they didn't do much. The bear eventually went away in about an hour. He sure gave us a thrill.

My brother in law Steve also joined us for a day and just in time too.  When we came back from skiing on Tuesday all the snow on the roof of the cabin fell down in front of the door and basically blocked the front door with about 4 feet of snow. Luckily Steve helped us dig our way through.

We left Tahoe at the right time. The snow really came down on the way home. Visibility was really bad for awhile. You couldn't even see the top of the mountain. Just the day before there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Check out these photos we took on the way home.

We made it home safely and didn't have to put on any chains. We stopped in Sacramento for some delicious ramen at Akebono - tasted very similar to our favorite ramen restaurant in Hawaii.
Always on a trip, I bring cut outs.  Sheet of either things I've stamped or digital collage sheets that I've purchased and I cut them out during down time.  This is what I cut up this trip...lots of goodies to use for future projects.

It was a fun ski trip with lots of interesting stories to tell.


  1. Love seeing great pics of your vac & can't believe how close you were to that huge scary as they can be unpredictable. F

  2. Beautiful photos! Especially love the bear pics...that must have been quite a thrill! Glad you made it back home safely.

  3. not sure why that bear took those skis...not even his size !! :)
    i skim when i read xox