Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dee Foust Santos Workshop @ Petaluma

Wow, another great workshop today with Dee Foust at the Art Is You Retreat in Petaluma. I made this Santos doll, about 24" tall.
Dee is a fabulous teacher, read more about her: She just released a new bedding line and was once editor of Home & Garden magazine.
 This is what we started with...a block of foam. I'm thinking, no way is this going to be a doll.
We shaped the block into a body...not bad huh?
 Here's the class busy at work.
Here's my Santos coming together.
It was an ambitious project...don't think anyone finished by the end of class.  Here's my sister Maryl's Santos doll, so cute.
Me and the teach.
 Amy Powers was at the event too - I love her work!
This weekend was also the celebration of my sister, Pat's birthday. My sister Diana first taught Pat how to make a wool roving scarf. It turned out beautiful!

 Then we worked on a 7 Gypsies kit...what a fun day it was creating. It was a great project!
This weekend I also went to the Trunk Show at the Art Is You Retreat and found some wonderful items from the artist & vendors from the retreat and then Sunday morning, before the Santos class, we also got to sneak in at the Petaluma Antique Faire and found some more great TREASURES. I'll share with you later in the week all my findings from this weekend! Phew, I need another weekend to rest from my weekend.


  1. What a great weekend! Your projects are fantastic! It was great seeing you, I'm looking forward to my class next month.


  2. Connie!
    I am green with envy! Looks like you had an outstanding weekend! I love the santos dolls I just got a small dresser drawer that I want to use as a niche...maybe I can try to make a santos...?? xox, diana

  3. Looks like both your classes were great, two beautiful dolls. I will be making dolls at Colleen Moody's workshop next week-end. I found a great frame at the Antique Fair from the 1930's to use in the class for only $15. Wow, There was just so much going on in Petaluma this week-end.