Thursday, September 22, 2011

JoAnnA Pierotti Old Soule Workshop @ Petaluma

Today, I spent a wonderful day with JoAnna Pierotti learning how to make her adorable dolls. This is my finished project.
 These are the kits JoAnna gave out - I love the draw as the holder.
 Pieces of our kit...
 JoAnna doing Show 'n Tell...
Our class room...
The first phase of class was painting the head. This was my attempt, she looks like a young girl with very tiny lips.
 These are the dolls made by the other students in the class...not all of them finished.
 My sister and her project.
Thanks JoAnna - I LOVED the class!


  1. OMG! These are amazing dolls! What fun that must have been making them!

  2. Darling as always, you do the best things....Love you work.
    Debbie Addie

  3. Connie what a beautiful doll! I have admired jOAnna's work for a long time! How fun your class looked, and all the students seemed pleased with their work! Thank you of for sharing....
    Can hardly wait for shrink art class!
    Laura H :)