Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mother Daughter Workshop

Yesterday, my daughter and I hosted a mother-daughter workshop. I taught a shrink plastic workshop to the adults at the same time my daughter, Rachel, taught a polymer clay workshop for Valerie's daughter, Nina. This was Rachel's first time teaching. It worked out perfectly and something we'll continue to offer. Rachel is so creative and she enjoys showing people how to do what she loves best.

Here's where the adults played. I made folders for each student filled with a variety of shrink plastics.
 Two of my sisters, Diana & Maryl. They came early to help me setup.
Valerie and my sister Lana also came early to help me get ready. Thanks for rolling up my ribbon guys!

The adults had a fun time playing with the shrink plastic. We stamped, colored, punched, cut, glued, baked and laughed - what more could you ask for?
Here's some of our finished projects...

Here's Rachel with Nina looking at Rachel's completed samples. Nina picked out the projects she wanted to make.
The girls busy at work at their table.
Nina's completed projects - so adorable. My favorites, Chinese take out box, hamburger and spaghetti and meatball (maybe I'm just hungry).
It was really a fun day! If you're interested in Rachel hosting a class for your kids (minimum age 10), let me know. If you're interested in the shrink plastic workshop, I'm open to hosting another class on Saturday, Oct. 29th 1-4pm, cost: $32. Rachel will also be available during the same time to host the ploymer clay workshop, cost: $20.


  1. Connie as always you are a great teacher. I had a great time, I know I was quiet and working on my own, but I knew you were there to catch me when I needed you. I love coming to your house, and watching everyone. You are truly talented, and have such kindness with sharing ideas. I hope there will be many more. Thanks so much,
    Debbie Addie

  2. What a great class! I love what we all created ...the time just flew by, because we were all having SO much fun! Thanks for all your hard work in putting this terrific class together! Looking forward to more workshops!

  3. what a great class. beginning with the beautiful portfolio filled w/ so many types of shrink plastic and completing 3 widely different projects. thanks for carefully planning everything...having the stamping station, 3 hot ovens..baking pans w/ parchment and vellum..the marble having our own kits filled w/ fun goodies. thank you so much. and also loved the chocolate chip cookies you made.

    loved our classmates, too..everyone had so much fun..l

  4. Thanks for a great shrink art workshop. You taught us a lot of ways to use the different types of shrinky dink paper. It was great having all your supplies to use including those that you gave us. Seeing your creations really gives me inspiration to do more shrink art.

  5. Connie~~~~
    All the projects look great.......I say it had allot to do with the teacher! Your booklets for each student were beautiful...Please Please consider having another class....
    Laura H :)

  6. P.S.
    Just read you are having another class...I shall check my calendar...
    Laura H :)