Monday, October 24, 2011

My Birthday Class

We celebrated my birthday this weekend by taking a wonderful soldering class from Irene Loeffler.
It was a project class where we made a box with a frozen charlotte inside - they all turned out adorable. This was something most of my sisters have never done before, so it was a great experience.
We all had a great time in class, thanks Irene! And thanks to Diana G. for recommending Irene to us.

Then I also want to share these AMAZING gifts my sisters made. When they asked me what I wanted this year, I told them I would like them to make me a mini book no bigger than 1 1/2" My plan was to put them all on one necklace. Well, after a few days and several whining emails from my sisters about how to do it, and then them stressing out about it; I decided to change my wish list to make it easier on them. I suggested they each buy me one vintage bling piece that I could make into one need to make me anything. I love how they packaged each one individually!
Then, be still my heart - I opened a collection of the CUTEST mini books ever! Thanks to my sister Frances for encouraging my other sisters to challenge themselves and go for it!!!
If you could see these in person, they're each so adorable...I LOVE them! They're each so different: one is water-colored, one has all our family photos in them, one is full of dolls, one has vintage bling.
Then, as if that wasn't enough, they also each gave me a piece of vintage rhinestone.
Then on top of all that, I still got other goodies that I ADORE!
(Not pictured: Frances is taking the picture)
Thanks to my sister's for a wonderful birthday guys all out did yourselves!

Today, I took the day off and attended a wonderful ribbon art class from Candice Kling at Tricia's beautiful home - I'll show pictures from that class in the next couple days. It was another great workshop.


  1. Now that is a BIRTHDAY to remember!! YAY!!!
    xox, Diana G.

  2. WOW~~~~ what a wonderful Birthday! Love all the tiny books, and your projects!
    Love the of my fav things to do
    Presentation is EVERYTHING....Of course whats inside pretty GREAT~~
    Laura H :)

  3. thank you connie..for all you do for us! i'm glad you loved your "day"... also thank you for presenting each of us w/the copy of the stampington issue that has your work on the cover! kudos to you, my dear sister.

    yesterday was another outstanding day...thanks again.