Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vintage Necklaces & Weekend Fun

I finally decided to use my vintage pieces and put together some necklaces. I made these four this weekend. I mixed some old with some new.
Two of the rhinestone pieces I picked up Friday at Craft Depot, along with a couple other pieces: the faux pearls and long boxes - all for less than $20!
This was my craft table this weekend..oh dear.
Today, I went out with my long time friend, Denise. We had a wonderful lunch at Tender Greens in Walnut Creek. I can't wait to go back again! Although, get the pepper chicken instead of the sirloin.
Denise and I have known each other since Jr. High School and we also went to college together.
I also wanted to share a picture of me and my daughter. It's her first time wearing make up in public.  The only other time she's worn makeup is during a ballet recital. Rachel's girl friend put it on her - just some eye shadow and eye liner. My little girl is growing up so fast! That faux fur vest I'm wearing is my new favorite fashion item, thanks Frances for picking it up for me - love it! I wore two of my new necklaces this weekend too. I can't wait to find more vintage pieces to make more necklaces. I'm on a necklace kick!


  1. Wow! Love your necklaces! - great way to dress up any outfit. The meal at Tender Greens looks delish and pics of you, Denise and Rachel look beautiful! I really enjoy looking at your blog! Such great pics and ideas!

  2. Connie
    LOVE your necklaces! Beautiful~~~~~
    I must check out Tender Greens~~~ it looks delicious!
    Sweet pictures with you and your best friend! and sweet daughter Rachael!
    Love visiting your blog and appreciate that you update so often!
    Laura H :)

  3. Your necklaces are fantastic. Great wearable art pieces that I'm sure look
    amazing on.

    Rachel is so cute and grown up looking. Watch out!

  4. Your necklaces are lovely...just adore vintage rhinestones and pearls...yummy! What a beautiful daughter you have, Connie.... Hope to see you at other art retreats.
    Take care

  5. you have so many talents...the repurposed jewelry looks fantastic...hope you like your birthday present. (hmmm wonder what it is?)

    rachel is a natural beauty, with or without makeup. you both look devine..

    glad that you and denise is still friends..