Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shrink Plastic & Polymer Clay Workshops

Today my daughter Rachel and I each taught a workshop in our home. I taught a Shrink Plastic workshop, while Rachel taught a Polymer Clay workshop. Here's the finished projects from the Shrink Plastic students...
We made mini books, Santos articulated dolls, and shadow box dolls. And here are the the projects from Tori, Rachel's student...they're all so adorable!
Not Pictured: Hamburger charm (Lisa coveted it)

 What a great group of girls we had over, all so talented and so much fun!
Here are Rachel and Tori at their workstation...

And I also want to thank Laura for bringing over these adorable goodie bags for the teachers. They're so cute and I love the way they're packaged!


  1. another great class . love the items the class made. how fun for both you and rachel to teach at the same time. lana

  2. What a wonderful class! I enjoyed all 3 projects we accomplished! The setting was a delight, and you are a patient and well organized instructor
    Thank you so much Connie for having us in your home~~~

    Laura H :)

  3. wow! what a great workshop! how inspiring to be teaching with your daughter!
    I finally got my somerset in the mail today... your article is beautiful and I can't wait to read it tonight!

  4. Bravo! Great job by all the students...I'm sure the teacher had something to do with it.