Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Valedictorian

This year my daughter, Rachel, graduated from middle school. She was among several others who were also Valedictorians.
I can't believe how time flies and your little ones grow up to be young adults. The ceremony was held in the high school gym.

My daughter and son will finally be in the same school together this Fall.
That's my son on the left, now tallest in the family. He'll be working with me this summer at the Williams Sonoma headquarter office. He got a summer internship doing website testing and Java programming.
Congratulations Rachel and Christopher, we're so proud of you and look forward to your future!


  1. so awesome.. rachel a valedictorian... and ernie have supported your children in so many ways. it shows in their values, activities, charities and love toward others.

    she is so much fun and beautiful. congratulations to chris's new internship as well. omg... it should be a very successful summer. kudos

  2. Congratulations, Rachel! Your hard work is paying off! And good luck to Christopher on his internship at W-M - what a great experience!

  3. Congratulations Rachel and lucky Christopher. Kudos to their parents who provide all the support and love to make it all happen. R

  4. Congratulations Rachel! You look beautiful. To be one of the valedictorians is quite a honor.
    Good luck to you in high school.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter AND your son Connie! I know you are proud of shows =))

  6. Congratulations to Rachel and Christopher! You and Ernie must be so proud! You have a wonderful family and it truly shows what exceptional parents Chris and Rachel have!