Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paper Necklaces

This week my sister Lana came over for dinner one night and we decided to do a quick project. Using primarily paper, punches and a sewing machine we made these paper necklaces.
We took out a variety of punches and paper and got started. Our favorite punch was definitely the envelope punch!
I like using the pads of paper, since all the paper coordinates. I used the paper from My Mind's Eye, Lost and Found - Blush. I lined up my pieces how they were going to be arranged.
The next step was to sew the pieces together on a sewing machine. What I liked the most was using black thread on top and white thread in the bobbin, creating a cool twine-look when sewed.
Then, I embellished mine with buttons, flowers and images.
My sister Lana made the necklace below at the top. She created many of the pieces to be 3 dimensional...very cool.
Lana's finished project. She used the paper, Paris Night from g.c.d studios.
My finished necklace...I'm going to wear this.
This was really a fun and quick project to do...hope you'll try it.


  1. Your necklaces are cool & unique & looks like a great summer project for young & old. Moms can help their daughters create one out of everyday things at home (i.e. cereal & food boxes, magazines, greeting cards, etc). What a wonderful way to bond with your kids!! F

  2. OMG! I love these paper necklaces! They look so simple to make, yet they look so creative & unique.

  3. I love your necklaces and can't wait to make one. Such a cool way to use up paper scraps. Who makes the envelop punch? Super idea! R

  4. The envelope punch is made by Marvy Uchida. the punch is cool, it cuts and scores at the same'll love it!

  5. Terrific little project. Your final embellishments make it really special. I'll definitely have to get the envelope punch.

  6. OH MY love it...I will be making one
    Love ya, Debbie Addie

  7. love your write up! so glad we had a chance to create together. it is so much fun playing with you we are like chemists running around in a lab of goodies.. lana kloch

  8. I just realized, I don't have all the punches....bummer

    Deb Addie

  9. Connie
    I see CLASS project :) How much fun would this be????
    Both are simply wonderful and original!!!
    For the envelope punch do you just google the name an order on line?
    Love love love this
    Laura H

    1. A class...sure - it would be fun to play together. I have TONS of punches and paper. How about $25 and I'll provide all the goodies. Email me if you're interested. I'm thinking 3 hours. Maybe July 14th...but I'm open to other dates as well. As far as the envelope punch - I think I've seen it at Michael's - but if not there, then yes, I just google the name and buy on-line from ebay or some other on-line scrapbook store.

  10. Oh darn....I have a commitment on that day.........July is actually crazy for me.....If you do something in August I am in...
    It looks great! You & Lana did a great job!

    Laura H

  11. I haven't been on line for a while and what a treat to come back and see what you have created. You and
    Lana did an amazing job. Thanks for always sharing your projects and such great instructions! I am in for a class but the next two months are crazy. I'll keep checking for your dates. Tricia Bourdakis