Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Paper Doll

I made this paper doll for my sister's bday, but shhhh - she doesn't know yet. I used stamps from Catherine Moore's collection. I love the wedding cake turned upside down for her torso.

We're celebrating her bday this Thursday at my house with a class taught by Diana Giambrone -  a Marie Antoinette Crown Class...I can't wait! I'll post pictures of our celebration on my blog later in the week. A quick trip to Tahoe this weekend is also on our agenda - I definitely need a vacation!

p.s. I know I just used this background paper in a earlier post...but I just love it, it's from Mustard Moon :-)


  1. I hope Pat doesn't check out your blog...hee hee! She's going to love the paper doll!

  2. Ha..ha! You got me! I've been traveling too much and hadn 't checked your blog recently. I absolutely love the Ballerina Paper Doll you made me for my birthday!! So cute and imaginative :-)). Thanks 'Lil Sis

  3. Another heart warming birthday celebrated by the sisters. You ladies know how to live and love. I am always so touched by your gatherings. And, I love the paper dolls you created!