Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday Class for My Sister

Last week was my sister Pat's birthday. As with all sister birthdays, it's been our tradition for us to get together and do a craft class at one of our houses. Pat requested a class from Diana Giambrone, a wonderful artist from Folsom, to teach us her Marie Antoinette crown. Here's our finished projects - they're all so beautiful!
Diana is a great teacher, everything was so organized and prepped for us to get started right away.

I hosted the b-day party at my house. Below are pictures of the work table..
Here's Ruby, our honorary sister
Thanks to Lana and Maryl for helping me with the decorations!
Here's the Birthday Girl, my sister Pat
Me and Diana G. (the teacher of the day)
Here's the kit and how we started...
Diana made the base crown from chicken wire and pre-cut many of our embellishments.
My sisters Pat, Maryl and Diana
Pictured from left to right: my sisters Diana & Pat, teacher Diana, sister Frances and close friend Ruby
Pictured from left to right:  Diana, Ruby and Lana
Here's the crown that Diana G. made for us to use as a sample - beautiful of course!
Below is a picture of my crown in progress - I chose to do a black theme.
We all had a great time! Diana is a wonderful teacher, so talented, organized and entertaining.

My sister Pat asked for two things for her birthday: 1) a paper doll and 2) a sister related Haiku poem. Here's a picture of the paper dolls she received, all so cute!
Haiku poems have a 5-7-5 syllable line. We all attempted to created these poems for her, however not everyone understood the Haiku structure. But, it's the thought that counts and the words were all so great and original!

Another fun day with my sisters. Thanks Diana for a wonderful class, we all had such a fabulous time and we LOVE our finished projects! Happy Birthday Pat!


  1. thanks for hosting such a wonderful class. you captured the fun and creativity that exuding from the 6 sisters + 1..our dear ruby..

    the table was shabby chic as requested and maryl and connie did such a great job. the tuille on the hanging lights was like a fluffy cloud... the colors of the flowers were perfect. it was an ideal setting...and yes..diana g is so very special. lana cano kloch

  2. Connie,
    Thank you for your sweet words...I loved teaching the class -- and sharing in the joy at Pat's Birthday party! I really love this entire group of women!
    Diana G

  3. You are all so wonderful! What a beautiful project and of course what a lovely way too celebrate Pat's Birthday..You lucky girls!
    Laura H

  4. Connie's home is a special place and all the sisters are so creative. The poems were so touching. Diana G is so fun. Love my crown. Feel special to be part of it all. Happy Birthday Pat! R

  5. What a fantastic day of crafting & celebrating Pat's special day. Thx Diana G for showing us how to make your beautiful crown & to Connie for hosting another memorable day. F