Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miniature Madness

Hey there! I had some great finds this weekend at Craft Depot.  I was there with my daughter when we discovered that someone had just donated their stash of miniatures - SCORE! I picked up some 1/4" scale furniture and these are the pieces I made with them.
The two dolls are all both made from mini bed frames - I guess you could say they're "Bed Dolls." Just to give you an idea of how bitty these beds are, they measure up to a scant 1 1/2" tall.
This is a portion of the minis that I picked up. 
Next up, we snagged five mini bakery racks perfect for displaying my daughter's handmade polymer clay creations. We couldn't conjure up a better display if we tried! :-)  

My daughter loves to make these sweet charms. Just give her a few packs of clay and some tools and she's a happy camper!

I love the donut box on the upper left corner!
Below are some of my daughter's newest items: floating charms! They're pieces that have an effect as if they're actually "floating," for example on the hamburger the mustard bottle looks as if it's suspended in mid-air.
Have a great week!


  1. I love miniatures and what you did with the mini beds are so cool. The mini racks really show off how great Rachel's clay creations are. Love the floating charms. R

  2. So very clever to use the bed frames for the dolls. I love the way the full skirt gives it dimension.
    Rachel's floating charms are so cute - amazing how she created these. Love the box of donuts too!

  3. Connie - Love the "bed" sweet & adorable! Great finds on the miniature furniture...Rachel's pastries look good enough to eat and looks terrific on the baker's racks.

  4. Connie & Rachel,

    xox, diana g

  5. Connie , you two are so seeing what you're yp to! Thx for sharing! xo Irene L.

  6. Fabulous finds & creations...they all look good enough to eat! F

  7. you are so creative. love how you turn your finds into something so precious as what you have displayed. and your daughter takes after you. no doubt about it. lana cano kloch

  8. seriously connie, your daughter is amazing!