Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Swap - Paper Clay Art

Next month, I'll be attending the Art Is You Convention in Petaluma...I can't wait! Last year, I learned that at these conventions some of the attendees swap small items. A couple of people were so generous and gave me a swap item, even though I didn't have one to trade. So this year, I'm prepared.
I made these assorted paper clay charms. I used one of my favorite stamps from Invoke Arts and stamped on some white paper clay. I used the Crayola brand called Model Magic.
After stamping, I cut around the image. Then I decorated them in assorted styles; added some ribbon, tags, text, lace, etc. I added an eyepin to the tops so that it could be hung from a chain or ribbon. I tied a bow though the eyepin with some twine and inserted the charm into a bag, lined with some vintage journal paper.
I designed my own little "business card" to be inserted into the back. I used my recent education from the Photoshop class I took from A Work Of Heart in San Jose.
There's a couple of variations, but I did use my signature doll that I have in my banner as my trademark. My first piece of digital art. :-) I'm looking forward to swapping at the convention - I'll definitely post the swaps I receive.

On another note, lately we've been very busy with getting our 2nd house ready to sell. We've been cleaning and painting during most of our spare time. I even turned down going to our company sample sale last weekend to do some painting.
 The kids enjoy helping us too!
It's going to take us many more weekends to get the house prepared for selling, but it's been kind of a fun family activity. I appreciate your comments on recommended classes, but I'll be pretty busy these next couple of months, so I probably won't be teaching again until next year. My kids also started school this week - both in high school now! I can't believe how time flies and how quick the summer goes by. My eldest son is a senior, so he'll be applying to colleges this Winter. Oh my, the thought of him leaving home brings so much sadness to my heart, I know we'll miss him so much.

Hope you had a good Summer!


  1. love your completed art pendants for the art is swap next month. everyone will enjoy receiving them.

    love the kids helping you out. you have a great family as well. you have a lot on your plate with both kids in high school and working f/t and still creating in your spare time.. lana cano kloch

  2. Adorable clay charms, beautifully embellished. I like the brown lace used as the collar . This will surely be a hit with the swappers.
    Great to see the kids enjoy helping mom and dad out with the painting.