Friday, February 15, 2013

Matchbox & Paper Doll Projects

I love Pinterest and I am always inspired by so many ideas. There were a couple of matchbox projects that I couldn't wait to make on my own.  The first one is a soldered matchbox. I made the necklace below:
 It started like this...
I used an ordinary matchbox
Then I lined the inside with vintage text paper.
Afterwards I cut out an image and embellished it.
I placed some heavy plastic over the top and covered the edges with scalloped soldering tape. Then I soldered with lead free iron and aged the silver edge with black patina. I soldered a flourish to the top and some jump rings to the top and bottom. I put together a chain made from a variety of elements and voila, I have another new necklace!
This project was inspired by Marie from Lost Bird Studio.

The next project I made is a matchbox doll. Below is a picture of the matchbox when it's closed.
When you start to open it, you can begin to see her matchstick legs.
...pull down the drawer and her legs get longer - haha, if only it was that easy
This was inspired by this: Pinterest pin.

The last item to share with you is a paper doll. My dear friend Laura Haviland sent me one of her fun hangers and I used some stamps from Catherine Moore (bodice and skirt) & Levenworth Jackson (face). 
Happy Friday - have a great weekend!


  1. Love love love~~~so want the first necklace!
    You amaze me~you have so much talent!
    Happy weekend
    Laura H :)

  2. I love all 3 of these projects, but I want to make one of those matchbox dolls right away. Adorably charming!

  3. you my friend are an inspiration unto itself! i love the little legs!!

  4. Love it all; esp. the necklace and matchbox doll! Very nice!

  5. Connie, love the matchstick legs ... Going to try that one !
    Very clever.....Irene

  6. I love the paper doll on the hanger and the Levenworth Jackson face you used is adorable.
    The matchbox with the soldering around it looks great especially with the scalloped edges. All of your necklaces are so unique.

  7. Wow. Amazing job! I love your paper dolls. I enjoy making Mixed Media Dolls too. They are so much fun and looks cute too. I use these dolls stencils. You should try them too!