Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Mixed Media Projects & Valentine Treats

Hello everyone! I made a few things this weekend that I thought I'd share with you. The first is a shadow box that I bought last weekend at the Alameda Pt Flea Market. Finding these wooden boxes are one of my favorite finds. I added vintage text to the background and various bits and pieces to each square.
Here's some close-up shots...
At the flea market, I also bought some cool cork tops. I wasn't sure what to make with them, but my go-to idea is always a doll...

Wouldn't she make such a cute cork top on a wine bottle?

Next is a mini book inspired from a house book made by Michelle Ward - but this is a very mini version!
Here's some of my work in progress...
I used some balsa wood chips for the cover. They cut very easily and a regular hole punch works fine.
I used a 6"x6" paper pad from Prima, called Doodle Deux that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.
I cut the back cover from some chip board.
Below is a video of the inside pages.
And lastly, my daughter whipped up some chocolate cupcakes for Valentines day - so adorable...

and then she made a matching polymer clay charm...
Did you notice her Valentines themed nails?
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. OMG, everything is soooo cute...beautiful nails, yummy looking cupcakes & cute matching charm, adorable whimiscal minibook. You 2 are too clever for words...thx for sharing!!! F

  2. Love the video and the altered book! Rachel's cupcakes and matching charm are TOO cute!

  3. Love, love, love that mini book - adorable. The video really shows the details nicely. Looks like another project to add to my list. The valentine cupcakes are too cute for words. Amazing how the valentine is so neatly embedded in the cake and the pink color so vivid. Great job Rachel and your nails are so fitting for the occasion as well.

  4. Connie!
    I love your blog! Cute nails, cute book, and yummy cupcakes! Lots of inspiration! Your daughter did an amazing job keeping the pink heart from running into the chocolate of the cupcakes? Really nice video too. You are soooo creative! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace you made me. My husband asked me what was in the wrapped box and I told him my Valentine's gift from him. HA HA HA He just gave me a look. I guess I better go to Tommy Bahama's for him. Wonderful work you do great lady! Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with us!
    I also love your blog friend's links.
    I think you would like the blog Stone Gable too.

  5. Love everything!!!!!
    The lil book is charming~~
    But I especially love your daughters cupcakes and matching charms!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Laura H :)

  6. you certainly have been busy and so creative. love how you shadow boxed the miniature box you found. especially love the altered book. it reminds me of the waterfall album that is coming out this month. yours is better. love the miniaturized version and the tokens and pictures you decided to put into them.

    oh rachel darling. the valentine cupcakes look scrumptious as does the mini hand formed one. you are so talented as well.

    thanks for posting the video. it sure helps us see what you do. sure wish you would go back to teaching.. as well. who else agrees with me???

    lana cano kloch

  7. In regards to teaching I second that motion PLEASE!!!!!!
    Laura H :)

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