Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miss You Chris!

This weekend we took our son to college, UC Davis. Although it's not that far from home, he is still living away from home and I miss him so much already! Here's a picture of him inside his dorm.
The move in-day was Saturday, the day it was pouring rain.
Below is a picture of the outside of his dorm.
He shares his room with two others...a triple room.
Here's Chris with his two other roommates - they're both from China. One is majoring in Physics and the other Civil Engineering...that's a lot of brain power in that room. 
I'm so proud of Chris and just can't believe he's in college already. He's going to be majoring in Computer Science, just like his mom ;-). Things will definitely be different around the house without's definitely a new chapter in our lives. Wish you the best Chris!


  1. thanks for sharing this with us. we are so proud of chris, too. you have done a marvelous job preparing him for being on his own.

    it is an adventure out there. still, tho, i am glad he is near home.

    wish you all the best.. as we journey with him through college.

    can't wait to see you!


    auntie lana cano kloch aka "um"

  2. So happy for your son, my children have friends at UC Davis, and they love it there! Valerie

  3. Congratulations, Chris! We wish you ALL the best!