Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bird Theme ATC Cards for REDlead

The wonderful store, REDlead, sent me some of their great products last year. This group consisted of bird theme items and if you subscribe to REDlead's newsletter, you may have seen my cards pictured. They asked me to create some ATC cards with their products and below is a picture of the six ATC cards I made...
Here's a picture of some of the items they sent to me...
And here's some photos of my work in progress...
Background stamp - Tattered Fabric Statement Stamp
Stencil - Birds in Flight
Clear Bit Crystal Clear Acrylic Charm - Bird Cage & birds from collage sheet
Using stamp - The Pursuit of an Artist & bird from collage sheet
Thanks Chris and Sharon from REDlead for asking me to be one of your guest artists - I love your products!

I'm still taking it easy on working with my I have a pinched nerve in my neck that's causing a numbness in my right arm. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal soon.

Have a great week!


  1. love the artwork in your red lead newsletter. you outdid yourself. did u use stencils to make the bird.. each atc looks so complicated, yet beautiful. can you teach us how to do this, connie fong.. lana cano kloch

  2. Your artwork is very inspiring for me! Thank you so much Connie.

    I was saddened to hear about your pinched nerve...especially since one of my girlfriends has just told me her Dr. is considering surgery for her pinched nerve in her neck. Has it become common? Are contemplating surgery, too? or are there less radical suggestions? Please share.

    Mary in Oregon - aka

    1. Thanks for your comment Mary. I've had this pain for a couple months, some days are worse than others. Dr. advised me to either try Aleve twice a day or physical therapy. I also had an ergonomic review done at work and now adjusted my monitor and ordered a keyboard tray and bar style mouse. Hopefully, changing my work station setup will help my posture and my pinched nerve.

  3. Connie, you are in my thoughts and wishes to get your body back to 100%. I love your ATC cards. You are an inspiration to all of your art followers. Shannon

  4. Lovely ATCs you have created. Healing Energy for your pinched nerve.

  5. thanks for showing us the steps on how you made these. they are so incredible. you made it seem so easy. lana cano kloch