Sunday, March 30, 2014

Santos Doll

I was thrilled to receive a Santos doll kit from Catherine Moore recently - something new she's selling on her web site: Character Constructions. Here's how I finished her kit...
and this is how the Santos kit is sold...
The doll is just over 9" tall and 3" wide, and comes with a platform which you can use to stand her up. Since I've recently been into soldering, I decided to solder the lower portion of this doll. First I adhered some copper tape to the cage skirt and crown.
Next, I painted the head, bodice and arms...
The photo below shows the cage portion soldered. I did apply some tarnish to the silver to give it an aged look.
I used Catherine's Santos stamp and stamped the upper body - that made finishing the face really easy!
I painted the face with cheek, lip and eye colors. Afterwards I further embellished the Santos doll with rhinestones, vintage text and ribbon.
I just love Santos dolls and this was an especially quick and easy project when you have both the Santos stamps and the Santos kit. Thank you Catherine for creating such beautiful products!


  1. Wonderful Connie :) I love the way you used the solder in parts of her! Looks like a great class if you ask me ...LOL
    Have a great week
    Laura H XO

  2. Very cute Connie and what a unique concept by CM...very generous of her to send you the kit! F

  3. LOVE what you did with your Santos Connie! This is so inventive and so outside the box. Well done! xoxo

  4. So darn cute!! Thanks again for sharing your technique on how you created this. Another one of your creative pieces to be inspired by.

  5. okay connie: please teach a class on this please... have friends that would like to take it as well.. you created a wonderful santos.. lana cano kloch

  6. Oh my gosh Connie, you are such a fabulous artist. Your rendition of Catherine's Santos is fabulous. Only you would think to solder the cage of the skirt. This is beautiful. You have inspired me again. Shannon Benedetti

  7. Connie I just adore your creative imagination, I love what you did with this fabulous Santos doll...really great project..Truly beautiful.xoxo