Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mini Frame Workshop

This weekend I taught a mini frame workshop. We did some simple soldering, painting, cutting and gluing with mini frames as the focal point. Everyone did a fabulous job and created all of these adorable projects...
The basis of the projects started from these great mini wooded frames(2" x 3") and collage sheets from Redlead. They sell adorable wooden pieces that are perfect for so many mixed media projects: They also sell wooden frames even smaller than these that would be really cute as a pendant too! Don't forget to look at their collage sheets - they have a huge variety for sale:
My sister Frances hosted the workshop at her home and it provided such a perfect setting for us.
Here's some close up shots of the projects. We made necklaces, mini books, key chains and dolls.
Some of the images in the frames look cloudy in the above picture. That's because the diamond glaze hadn't set yet - but once completely dry, those images will turn clear.
Me (and my new short hair) & Nily
My sister Maryl, me and my sister Frances
Lois, Nily, Laura, Ruby
Thanks Frances for hosting this class and thanks to all the students who make teaching these workshops so enjoyable and relaxing! Thanks also to Chris and Sharon from Redlead for providing the frames and collage sheets for the class!

As a last note, I was thrilled to see Tim Holt'z blog this week - Greetings from Cape Town. Tim was with Paula Cheney in South Africa teaching. One of the projects they taught was a necklace that was inspired by the necklace I created for his CHA booth, pictured below.
They put together a beautiful necklace project and I was thrilled to have even been mentioned. Paula also showed the necklace project on her blog this week too - Cape Town and The Mount Nelson.Check out their blogs and see some beautiful pictures of South Africa and their hotel! Thank you Tim and Paula!

Happy Spring!


  1. Connie I loved being in class and learning soldering onto wood frames...great start for a beginner like me :) What a lovely setting~~Frances house was perfect~~~Loved our projects and it was wonderful too complete all 3
    Congrats on the mention from Tim Holtz...much deserved! Oh and also thank you for cookie recipe and cookies to bake at home! As always you are the most generous person and instructor...xo Laura H

  2. Hi Connie! Thank you for a wonderful class last Saturday. You're so organized and you make it all so simple. It was so fun and I love everything I made. I could have gone another 4 hours. Thanks to Frances for being such a great hostess. Your place is a perfect setting for a class. You and Connie make a great team.
    Kudos for the inspiration that you provided to one of TH's class. Such a special mention in both his and Paula's blog. It's a beautiful necklace and it would make a good class for you to teach. R

  3. Thx Connie for another amazing class. Love how our 3 projects came out & were so much fun to make. I was happy to host & appreciate everyone's kind words & beautiful orchid plant (thx Nily & Laura!). Definitely looking forward to your next class. F

  4. First of all Connie, your hair is adorable!!! It gives you a whole new look that's very hip and young looking. I love all the wonderful things your class created - what a fun project that you can take in so many directions. I'm sorry I missed it. I agree that the necklace you made that Tim Holtz used for his workshop would make a great class.

  5. Loved the class, Connie - it was lots of fun, learned new things, and we created wonderful art pieces to treasure. I still have mine in the box you gave us, but I added a vintage doily on the bottom just to dress it up a bit. Love it!

    Fran - thanks for having it at your house! Your house is beautiful and you are the perfect hostess!

  6. I love these necklaces, your sister's kitchen, and your hot new hair style.

  7. It was one of the best workshops I've ever attended... Your kind and generous heart for sharing is beyond belief... Thanks Connie!