Monday, April 14, 2014

New Holiday Dolls & More

Last week I got an email from the editor of the Somerset Holiday magazine asking if I had any items to submit for this years issue, so I've been busy creating some holiday items. It's so odd to bring out Christmas and Valentine supplies out during the Spring! I made two new Valentine's Day themed dolls just this weekend, thanks to my sister Frances for helping me. Below are my three dolls that I will be submitting for the Holiday issue of Somerset.
Below are a few pictures of our work in progress this weekend...
Frances helped me cut, sew and stuff the dolls...a huge help - thank you!
It's fun adding the face and seeing the dolls come to life.
Here's some close up shots...
I also made some Christmas dress ornaments...
I love the dress chip board shapes from RedLead and have been having so much fun embellishing them. Hopefully you'll see them at some point in this year's Somerset Holiday issue. Below is a picture of other projects I've been creating for RedLead with their adorable dress chipboards...
Have a great week...Happy Spring! Coming soon, more Artful Play dolls using Tim Holtz fabulous fabrics.


  1. Dolls are too cute. You and Frances make a great team. Love what you did with dress chipboard. It would be so fun to make them. R

  2. Wow! In just one week, even with Frances' s help you not only created but finished so many things! What a fun weekend that must have been!
    I noticed an unusual tool on your worktable that I'm guessing is used to either stuff or turn those narrow arms and legs??? It has a squiggly wire at one end and a handle on the other. Just what is it and who's product is it??? Please share, pretty please. Turning narrow straps is just a horrible thing for me and I try to avoid it at all costs !

    Those gathered skirts on the chipboard dresses - and those dainty little accessories really make them stand out! So Cute. I want to make some! I've been thinking about which of my friends will enjoy them most!

    Mary in Oregon

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for your comment! We did try several items for turning narrow legs/arms inside out and and stuffing them. My favorite tool to use for turning narrow pieces inside out and for stuffing is a 5" hemostat and a chopstick. The tool you saw on my table with the blue and white handle also works well for the stuffing. It's called a Stuffing Fork by Barbara Willis. The tip isn't a squiggly wire though - it might have looked like it, but the tip has a small u-shaped divot. I hope you also make some chipboard dresses - they're fun to decorate.

    2. Silly me! I was looking at the stitching holding those paintbrushes and my brain extended the wire from the blue & white handle! What was I thinking??? Thanks for the information about Barbara. Her doll designs are beautiful. I've bookmarked the page. Now to find a 5" hemostat. Maybe there's one in my mother's box of nursing supplies I saved. I hope so.

  3. Adorable dolls - A doll making class would be great if you can add that to your list of workshops to give. Nice of Fran to give you hand - couldn't have a better helper. I too like the way you gathered the skirts on the chipboard dresses - giving it a dimensional look. Your dress form chipboard is very cute using the washi tapes. Enjoyed seeing all your creations.

  4. Oh my goodness "Amazing Connie", I just adore what you are creating !!!! Such dreamy imagination and so brilliant you are. I love it all very much. Big Hugs. xoxoxo P.S. Enjoy all the special creative moments, so thrilling...