Sunday, November 9, 2014

Make Your Own Ribbon Tags

This week I made some new dolls and some ribbon tags.
I was inspired to make the ribbon tags after purchasing similar ones from Scrapbook Territory, in Berkeley.
My creations are on the right
Below are some steps of how I made the ribbon tags, using washi tape instead of ribbon...
For the top portion, cut small pieces of scrap paper and fold in half
Gather some washi tape and a piece of card stock
Cover the card stock with washi tape
I laid two strips side by side matching the patterns as best as I could.
Cut each pattern into strips
Cut two banner shape pieces from each strip
Sew pieces together with a button and embroidery thread
Pictured below are my ribbon tags on some fun Project Life cards called, Little Picasso - I love the doodle borders.
Here are more samples from the Project Life Little Picasso set...
And then last but not least, here are six more stuffed dolls I made this week...
My own hand drawn & painted creations.

I can't believe it's November already...time to start planning my homemade xmas cards - stay tuned.


  1. Hi Amazing Talented Connie, I am like you and have to pinch myself it is November. I just adore your stuffed art dolls, wowsa fabulous !! Are you going to be selling them, I love the art doll with the crown, oh love all of them. It was so interesting seeing your entire project coming to life, thank you for sharing. You never stop amazing me with your brilliant creations my darling friend. Happy creating, Big Hugs Laura.xoxoxoxo

    1. Hi Laura, thanks so much for your comment, you're so sweet! I would love to sell them, just wasn't sure if there was interest. Maybe during the holidays I'll get my act together and list them on etsy. In the mean time, if you would like one, email me which one you want and I can make one for you!

  2. Connie - I love, love, love your stuffed dolls - but my favorites are the one with the sleepy eyes and the one with the black hair and white bow. They are too cute!

  3. Love the way you embellished your dolls. The sleepy eyed one is my favorite. I love the text on her dress. These would make wonderful gifts. The little washi tape tags project is great, very creative of you to make your own. Thanks for showing us the step by step process.