Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Doll Drawings

I recently painted some new dolls, this time with some background colors and new tissue printed tops.
Like my hand drawn background paper? I just realized I photographed them upside down...haha.
I scanned the images to my computer and was able to make print greeting cards from the drawings...
I added hand dyed stamped mini tag necklaces to each girl, to give them a cute accessory to wear. I hope to list my cards and stuffed dolls on etsy in the new year. By the way, I also need a name for these dolls, if anyone has a suggestion, please leave me a comment. If I choose your name, I'm definitely giving you a stuffed doll!

And as a last note, I'm thrilled to be published in the latest issue of Somerset Gallery, Winter 2015.
The editor of this magazine, Danielle Mohler, was sweet to publish lots of my pieces. Below are the pages that I'm in...
Domino dolls made using Catherine Moore's stamps
Paper doll made from Catherine Moore and Leavenwoth Jackson stamps
Seaside art journals made with RedLead products
Paper dolls inspired from Claudine Hellmuth
Altered mini postcards
Seaside art bottle made from RedLead products
Mini tags made from 7 Gypsies tags
Seaside ATC cards made from RedLead products
Mini coin envelop book necklace
Thank you Danielle and Stampington for including my work in this lovely publication, along with so many other wonderful pieces.

 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks for stopping by. :-)


  1. Absolutely LOVE all your work!
    Congratulations on your publications!!
    I think your doll looks like she might be called "Paige." (Page)
    Beth Boothe Durant, OK

    1. I love the name Paige - that's the one! Beth, send me your email address so I can send you a stuff doll. :-)

  2. How about Madeline or Ruby? The old fashioned names are making a comeback!

  3. I like the new graphic dresses on your latest dolls against your (upside down) background paper. I love the little tags you made for them. The dolls have a sweet, innocent look to them. I think a cute name would be Amelie. That's wonderful that Stampington chose to feature so many of your work in their latest magazine. I'll definitely have to get this issue. Congrats!

  4. Love your dolls! I like the name Penelope...I know someone with that name and she's adorable. Congrats on getting published again...nice work!

  5. Wow Connie you are so creative. Your art pieces are wonderful and filled with smiles. Congratulations on your publications.

  6. Talented Connie, I love your painted art dolls and backgrounds. I think they are wonderful and the cards look amazing. I just love them all. You have really captured magic. I am so excited for you all your beautiful published work and I am waiting to purchase the magazine here. So exciting and your work shows excellent. It is so much for giving your art dolls names. How about Sleeping Beauty, Magical Matilda, Precious Paige, Red Lucy, Truly Loved, Sweet Cinnamon, Sage, Abbey, Betty Boo, Nevera, Persia, Rain, Rosey, Sparkles, Time Flies, Flutter My heart and Lovely Lana...Well there are so names and oh this is fun. I love love love your art dolls and all your amazing creations. Very best wishes, Hugs Laura.xoxoxo P.S. Excited to see what is next !!!!

  7. I have always liked the name Ashlinn :) Very pretty dolls!