Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sale - Paige Dolls & Cards 50% off

HI all! I'm currently selling my remaining Paige stuffed dolls and cards at 50% off. Some of these items have slight imperfections from my printer, some more noticeable than others.
Below are my stuffed dolls for sale, $5 each + shipping. Each doll is approximately 6" tall and 4" wide.
Here are my printed greeting cards, also from my original drawings,$1.50 each. The cards are 4"x6" - envelope included. 
If you're interested in purchasing any of these dolls or greeting cards posted above, just email me at (sorry, I just corrected my email address, was posted wrong before) with which one(s) you want, along with your address so I can calculate the shipping costs. I'll send you back the total and will accept Paypal payments. 

Once I have your payment, I'll send out your order and update my blog (periodically) and mark which items are sold. Sorry, this is so low-tech for now! Once I make a new set of dolls and cards I'll try to have them available on Etsy.

If you would like to place a special order doll or card (which I can do with my new and improved printing), I will accept orders, but I'll be selling the dolls for $10 each and cards for $3 each + shipping in the future. Any of the doll images can be made into a stuffed doll, just request the number doll you like. Embellishments added to each stuff doll will vary.

And on a last note, I'm excited to be published in the January/February 2015 issue of Somerset Studio.
They published my sticker art method.
This is where you take an existing art journal page and photocopy it onto some white stickers in your ink jet printer. You can then take the stickers and use them on various projects.
As an added bonus in the same magazine, I was thrilled when I also saw one of my my art journal pages available in the section, "Free Artists' Paper & Clip Art. It's printed on perforated heavy card stock, so that it can be easily torn out and used.
How cool is that? I personally always cut those pages out and save them.
One of my paper dolls also made the Somerset Gallery ad...

I hope you're having a great weekend. I'm working on some cardboard ornaments that I saw on Pam Garrison's blog - can't wait to show them to you this week!


  1. I'm excited to see all your new dolls and cards for sale. These will make great gifts for the holidays. I would like to order dolls #3, #6 and #12. I would also like to order cards 3, 4, 6 10, 17 & 19. The dolls have such sweet faces and the embellishments add a nice touch.

  2. Congratulations on having your sticker art published in Somerset Studio. Love that idea of using your art work on stickers. What an honor to have one of your journal pages featured in the artists paper free clip art and for having your paper doll in their ad....well deserving.

  3. Hi. I sent an email for dolls #1 and #11 and card #16. So cute. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Vicki, I'm sorry, I posted the wrong email address...oppps. Can you email me at

    2. Hi Connie. Um...should the address be The one above failed. I sent the email using the @ sign!

  4. Connie, love your sweet dolls. I would like to order doll no. 2 & 9; card no. 11, 15, & 18. Would also like to special order doll no. 6 & 12.
    Congratulation on getting published again.

  5. How nice that you are offering your dolls and cards at such a great price! They are really adorable! Congrats on getting published again and for Somerset to offer a free artist page from one of your journal pages...what an honor!

  6. I sent you an email for doll number 7! Thanks