Friday, December 12, 2014

My New Holiday Paige Dolls

First off, I'd like to thank Beth and Laura for recommending the name "Paige" for my line of dolls. I love that name and it fits the look...thank you! And with all the holiday spirit and decorations around, I was inspired to make holiday dolls. Here's what I came up with. 
I call them my Snow Queen, Snow Man, Angel and Santa. From my drawings, I then made these stuffed dolls...
Here's the stuffed dolls used as ornaments on a mini tree.
And then I also decided to make mini tags, from the images, that I can use on Christmas presents. These cards measure just 3" tall and 2" cute.
I love how I can re-purpose my drawings into other projects.
If you're interested in buying a set of the mini gift tags, let me know. I'll sell a set of four cards for $3. plus shipping. I would also like to sell the stuff dolls, but I'm not stocked up on the materials, so I can only make a limited number at this time. 
I actually sold at a craft show at my office for the first time this past week. Below is a picture of my display of dolls.
I do have some dolls and cards left over. I'll post them next week for sale.

I hope you're having a wonderful Holiday Season!


  1. Oh my goodness Creative Connie, I love these new beautiful art dolls. They are so wonderful. I was thrilled to buy a Somerset Gallery 2015 magazine today. It was a must purchase, to see all your stunning works of art. I am so pleased for you and I am now going to look at all your amazing art work.Happy creating. xoxoxo

  2. YES,
    Please include me Connie!
    I would love to purchase your cards and dolls!!!!!
    I have some of my favorite people in mind to give your beautiful dolls to!!!!
    Merry Christmas! ;)
    Beth Boothe

    1. Hi Beth, I'll post the cards and dolls soon - thanks.

  3. Connie
    I would love love to purchase dolls and tags....I am elated....Let me know ~~~would love a couple sets of tags and at least 4 dolls :)
    Laura H :) Fab!!!!!

    1. Hi Laura, I'll post the dolls soon, but I can send you out the xmas tags right away, so you can use them on your presents right away. I'll send you out two sets tonight! Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  4. These are so beautiful! If you have any tags left, I'd be very interested!
    Save me a doll too please!!! :)