Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Ornaments

Recently, Pam Garrison posted on her blog some handmade ornaments made from a cardboard box - they were amazing! The idea stuck in the back of my mind, so when my daughter got a box in the mail printed with holiday graphics, I knew I had to try and make those ornaments. Pictured below is what I made!
Here's how it started. My daughter ordered some adorable dresses from This is the box it came in...
I cut up the box into smaller pieces...
Then I cut the cardboard into ornament shapes...
Afterwards. I painted gesso onto the parts that were going to be colored...
Then using acrylic paint and a white pen, I decorated the ornaments!
Heads-up to my family - I might be bringing this to our Christmas celebration for us all to create some card board ornaments!

Speaking of holiday ornaments, I just thought I'd share some ornaments I made from RedLead's holiday products...
And then I made this fun necklace of brush bottle trees.
And on an exciting last note, I'm so proud of my daughter, Rachel and her YouTube success! She's a Junior in High School and recently got a deal with both DreamWorks and AwesomenessTV. Check out her recent YouTube videos...
DreamWorks: How to Make Jewel Box Cookies
Rachel will be having more YouTube videos to come on their channels too - we're so proud of her!

Happy Holidays!


  1. I am so glad I checked out your blog today! I was feeling crazy with Xmas mania. Your fun projects have given me a shot of happiness. Thanks and happy holidays!

  2. CONGRATS what an achievement!
    Dream Works HUGE!!!!
    Connie as always you amaze me ,,love the necklace and the ornaments
    Have a very Merry Christmas...I still would like dolls (4) after the New Year
    XO Laura H :)