Sunday, January 4, 2015

New 2015 Planners & Paige Doll Tags

I love planners, and they have so many cute designs out right now that I couldn't buy just one - so I bought four (one for work, one for home, one for my daughter and one just because it was just too cute to pass up)!
The black and white and gold ones are from Heidi Swapp and the polka dots ones are from Target. They have so many cute planner accessories that make it so much fun to decorate too. This is what some of the inside pages look like already.
I'm using accessories from Teresa Collin's new Gold Studio line, Heidi Swapp's Project Life cards, and Target dollar bin tags.

I also made a few small Paige doll tags. I like this small size (2.25" x 4.75"), and I changed up the hair style slightly to try something new.
I scanned the tags and will sell the image file (jpg) of the four tags for $3 each (personal use only). You can print them out on card stock on your own computer and have as many tags as you like. I'll email you the image file.
If you rather have me send you a set of four physical tags, I can mail them to you for $4 + shipping.
Send me an email ( if you're interested, payment through PayPal is best!
And lastly, my Christmas gift to myself this year was a set of PanPastels. I love having all the colors - they're so beautiful just to look at. I tried them out making the following journal pages...
I can't wait to experiment even more with the PanPastels.

Happy New Years! 


  1. these samples are so great. thanks for sharing what you are experimenting with. am starting my heidi swapp journal as well. this blog will help me so much. thanks connie
    lana cano kloch

  2. OK, you've inspired me again to work on my journal/planner.....the cute little tags are perfect for them. I want to order the image file for the tags.
    The journal pages you did with the pan pastels are beautiful, the colors look
    like they blend well together. the two girls are cute and the lettering looks great. Nice composition.

  3. Connie
    Love it! maybe I will do my calendar this year...I had for several years and loved creating and using it,(idea from Lisa Super) however last year I did not make one and it was a sad month to month :)
    I would love to purchase a image sheet...I will send you an email
    These are FAB!!! XO Laura H

    1. You're right, I remember Lisa Super did a decorated monthly calendar that was so cute. Great inspiration.

  4. I love journal/planners! They're great for just placing keepsakes from places you want to remember and then write a little paragraph about it.

    The planners you purchased are adorable and the pages you embellished are terrific I also love the image of the girl in the last pic with the long hair.

  5. I adore your planners and the newest Paige dolls are fabulous. You never stop amazing me with your awesome ideas. I was so thrilled seeing your art doll included in the Somerset ad. too I have to ask, is that the black doll hanger I sent you long ago, I truly hope it is !!!! Thank you for sharing all your brilliant ideas and art work. Happy New Year Dear Friend.xoxoxo P.S. I have the pan pastels and do have not used them much. Can you share more details creating with them, do you add a finishing spray ? They give a beautiful color, so stunning...xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Laura, I do think you might have given me that hanger - thank you! I'm just learning how to use the PanPastels, I didn't use a fixative on my project, but I think you're suppose to. Happy New Years!